Mike Held

Paragon has focused on building the team, improving operating efficiency in light of inflation and the labor market, and most importantly, meeting with existing and new customers. One of our main strategic goals is to match the market for advanced propulsion and industrial products. Paragon’s best days are ahead!


Paragon Metals
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Hillsdale, MI 49242
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Paragon has been expanding beyond machining ductile iron and aluminum die cast products into powder metal and steel forgings to further support our
customers. As we continue to develop more advanced tooling and work with our suppliers to improve material quality, we find our throughput and cycle
times are some of the most competitive in the industry. Extensive automation and robotics enhance our ability to be competitive.

We work closely with our customers to develop feasible products that will make the full process efficient and reliable throughout the life of the program.


Paragon is very excited about our new product lines, that will be launching in early Q2 of this year. These will be our first applications of powder metal and
steel forgings. We are applying APQP to ensure smooth program launches. On the horizon, the Paragon team is excited about working with its customers to develop non-automotive and EV programs, as well.


As we launch new products in 2023, we find a basic need from our customers to support product design and process development on the front end through
prototype creation and analysis. Paragon is currently working with key customers on EV truck-based platforms developing machining processes for tight tolerance differential cases. These complex components require machining studies to confirm the correct process parameters to ensure true position, runout and other critical dimensions can be held to the required CPK.

At Paragon, we have the engineering staff and equipment to help you develop and build a product that will match your design needs from the prototype phase through the life of the program.


Trade shows – stay tuned for futher announcemts