About Us

About Paragon Metals

Paragon’s ability to work with all metals, our vertical integration, our continual investment in our plant and machinery, and our advanced design and engineering teams ensure that we provide the most competitive solutions. These characteristics make us strategic partners with the world’s largest automotive, heavy equipment, and heavy truck OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and industrial companies. In our continued support of these partners, we maintain our lead by using the latest automated manufacturing equipment, design, software, and industry insights.

Paragon continues to challenge industry assumptions about price, process and quality; resulting in savings to you; our customer.

Competitive pricing and on-time delivery are fundamental building blocks of our delivery model. However, Paragon’s growth and reputation rest first and foremost on the quality of the products we produce. Whether your project requires exacting standards or not, you will benefit from the technology, engineering, discipline, and quality assurance measures Paragon has in place and continuously improves.

Our Growth

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  • Paragon begins as a supplier to the U.S. Electrical Hardware Industry


  • Expands into Heavy Truck and Industrial Application Markets


  • Establishes Engineering & Logistics Office in Shanghai, China


  • Begins to supply Automotive Industry as a Direct Tier-1 Supplier


  • Sets up Greenfield Automotive Disa-Matic Foundry in Pusan, Korea, in partnership with Yeong Hwa Metals Co.


  • Establishes Automated Transfer Machining Line in Pusan, Korea


  • Sets up PGI Far East Company Ltd., a precision machining facility in Jiading, China (Shanghai area)


  • Sets up SPMI Machinery, Shanghai, China, as licensed export operation


  • Establishes footprint in Quincy, MI, with precision machining facility and Paragon’s home Distribution Center


  • Sets up second machining manufacturing facility in Kunshan, China


  • Opens second precision machining facility in Hillsdale, MI, which is currently World Headquarters


  • Opens third precision machining and aluminum die cast facility in Kunshan, China


  • Expands Hillsdale, MI, operations and manufacturing footprint thanks to strong growth


Our reputation for quality and value has earned us awards from our customers, industry associations and communities. We’ve been awarded:

  • Receives “Best in Class” Precision Machining Award from the U.S. Commerce Association.
  • Receives back-to-back “Best in Class” Precision Machining Award from the U.S. Commerce Association. Achieves Q1 Quality Status for Ford.
  • Receives “Best In Class” Precision Machining Award for 3rd year from U.S. Commerce Association & Supplier Excellence Award from Ford Motor Co. Recognized as a World Excellence Supplier for Ford and a Grade A Supplier for Volkswagen.
  • Receives “Best In Class” Precision Machining award from USCA for 4th year, along with the “Best Practice Award” from GM and Supplier Excellence Award once again from Ford. Recognized as a World Excellence Supplier for Ford.
  • Quincy Plant receives 5th & Hillsdale Plant receives 1st “Best in Class” Precision Machining Award from the U.S. Commerce Association.
  • Quincy Plant receives 6th precision machining award and Hillsdale Plant receives 3rd precision machining award along with Paragon being nominated “Supplier of Year” from Chrysler/FCA. Company receives 50 Fastest Privately owned Business Award by C.C.C. Recognized as a World Excellence Supplier for Ford.
  • Paragon receives United States Excellence Award from USCTR and 50 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Business Award by C.C.C. along with repeat Precision Machining Awards for both U.S. plants.
  • 2016 Paragon is awarded 50 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Business Award for second year in a row.