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From transmissions to engines to drivelines, Paragon Metals supplies precision components critical to vehicle performance. With an extensive product portfolio covering numerous applications, we are a supplier of choice for the world’s OEM and tiered suppliers.

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  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Driveline
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Transmission Parts


Actuator Housing

Hub - Driven Clutch

Plate Torque Converter Stator



Bearing Bracket


Support Assembly

Valve Body

Engine Parts

Crankshaft Bearing Caps

Arm Inner

Arm Outer

Water Pump Bracket

Driveline Parts

Four Arm Coupling

Weld Yoke

Three Arm Coupling

Companion Flange

Rear Output Flange

Stub Yoke

Companion Flange

Body/Frame Parts

Rear Receiver

Outer Receiver

Header Receiver Assembly